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So this morning I stepped up to a whole new level of laziness (for me at least). I was so comfy & warm in bed watching videos, but I was so hungry and thirsty. “one more video” was said to myself several times before I forced myself out of bed.

Too late though. I waited too long before getting up & felt dizzy and faint, so quickly opened both windows to let cold air rush in as my sight started going fuzzy. I led face down on the bed, trying to cool down and when I felt ready I got up (far too quickly) to grab my glass then hurry to the bathroom to get a drink. That was nearly a bad mistake.

I just made it to the sink with barely enough vision to see I was filling the glass. I had to stop when I could no longer see anything & took several blind gulps of kinda warmish water as my hearing started fading too.

Next thing I knew, I was laying on my back half in the bathroom, half on the landing at the top of the stairs. The glass was on its side, not upright.

Pretty sure my laziness today caused me to pass out.

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